CNY Premier SC



Our mission is to provide a high-quality soccer program for boys and girls in Central New York. We create an environment that inspires players to compete at their highest level. We believe that results come from the commitment of trained, caring coaches who use the teaching of USA Coaching Education to develop players and foster a safe, supportive team community.


Our mission is to provide a positive, competitive youth soccer experience for players, parents, and coaches. We emphasize long-term player development of physical, emotional, and social skills. We believe a positive team sport experience will promote a youth's self-confidence and self-esteem beyond the soccer field.

We emphasize individual skill development, teamwork, game concepts and sportsmanship. We try to provide a healthy perspective on both winning and losing. We believe players, parents and coaches will learn more from a competitive loss than a non-competitive win. Success is determined by improvement, effort, competitive spirit, and team play.


To be a model soccer club in Central New York, with long term plan for existence and service to the community. CNY Premier SC will set the standard for all soccer clubs across the country by creating a culture that provides a foundation for all to reach their fullest potential on and off the field while having the ultimate soccer experience.


Continue to service our members, with caring and joyful spirit and treat everyone in the soccer community with respect and dignity.